Danae Tapia is a writer, multimedia artist and technologist born in the Chilean working class. She is a 2022-2024 resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and a researcher and lecturer of Hacking and Autonomous Practices at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

She is also the founder of The Digital Witchcraft Institute, an arts organization registered in The Netherlands. This venture was Danae’s project for her fellowship with the Mozilla Foundation which started as an artistic-research experience dedicated to collect and showcase advanced non-conforming approaches to the use of tech. To the present day, The Digital Witchcraft Institute has executed a series of projects that fall at the intersection of posthuman technology, deep migrations and climate justice. This work has been funded by several international foundations.

In the past, Danae has been a project director in activist organizations dedicated to technology and human rights, such as the Riseup Collective in the US, Coding Rights in Brazil and Derechos Digitales in Chile. She has a bachelor degree in social communication from Universidad de Chile, a master of science in management from the University of Bristol and a research master in comparative literary studies from Utrecht University.

Danae is frequently speaking in public, she has presented her work in places such as Kyoto, La Habana, San Francisco, Tunisia, London, Honolulu, and many more. She also has a broad writing register and has published in magazines, academic journals and outlets of creative non-fiction.

She’ll always be happy to talk about Charli XCX, Japanese stationery, Iyengar yoga, non-human animals, the film Andrei Rublev, Gilles Deleuze, Yukio Mishima and Gabriela Mistral.