Digital Witchcraft

2018 - present
Film, speculative design, poetry
Presented at Creative Coding Utrecht, Control Shift Festival, The Hmm, JSConf, Internet Freedom Festival, WORM, Köln International School of Design
Supported by Mozilla Foundation, European Cultural Foundation, StimuleringsFonds

DW is an ongoing multi-media project in which we collect and showcase advanced non-conforming approaches to the use of digital technologies. Through the juxtapositions of computer science and magic, we propose ideas on how to exit our current global spiritual crisis, our is a vision of joy and transcendentalism that opposes mass surveillance and precarization.

👯‍♀️ Andrés Tapia (art director), Camilo Fernández (filmmaker), Hans de Zwart (advisor), Felipe Aravena (advisor on distant asynchronous sleeping)
📍️ Havana, Dharamshala, Tokyo, Kyoto, Shanghai, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Valencia,Honolulu, UTRECHT
Technologies to sleep together
The Spell Book