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Sacred interoperability to fix this spiritual crisis

Keywords: deep interoperability, social dreaming, transculturality, decolonization

While many scholars and practitioners are addressing the issue of the future, we want to bring to the discussion an explicit intention for the decolonization of the bodies and the minds. Future does not mean a fresh start, our challenge is to acknowledge and fight the power imbalances among different geographies and communities.

We are embodying and embracing a scenario of transculturality that promotes all types of migrations and movements, we have a vision of deep migrations that operates just as the notion of interoperability, which is the characteristic of a body or a system to provide an interface that can be accessed and modified by third parties, this is the characteristic that has facilitated amazing software development and optimized cases of collaborative science.

By doing this overlapping, technologies and poetry from the south will be the foundation for utopian planetary horizons of social dreaming.

Digital Security for Journalists at the Frontlines
[Deep Migrations]
2020 Advocacy, holistic security trainings
Emergency project to contribute to the physical and digital security of the journalists at the frontlines of the social revolt in Chile.

AI Book Club: The Book of Martha by Octavia Butler
[Deep Migrations]
Research, collaborative workshop
During Mozfest 2019 we facilitated a session to examine the complexities of the desgning of automated systems. During the session we critically analysed the short story ‘The Book of Martha’ written by afrofuturist sci-fi writer Octavia Butler and we established parallels between the text and issues such as bias in AI, social bubbles and individual utopias.

Digital Santeria
[Deep Migrations]
While under Western standards Cuba is an unconnected nation, their people has developed a set of unconventional and resourceful practices that had allowed them to access digital technologies under their own terms. Traces of Cuban political and religious history can be found in these practices, and with the imminent popularization of mobile connections, the communist island is at a crucial moment of their digital history. Read the article at the Mozilla blog >

It Starts with Pokemon Go, it Ends with Bolsonaro
[Deep Migrations]
Chile was the first country in the world to have a net neutrality law, but it is not enforced at all. A simple search across mobile internet providers shows a large offer of “free” data if you’re using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, or Pokémon Go. This is called “zero-rating” and means people don’t have to pay for using some services like they would for others. It’s a violation of net neutrality. Read the article at EDRi website >

Incompetent Design against Digital Colonialism
[Deep Migrations]
Rotterdam, Boston
Academic essay
Publication at The California Review of
Images and Mark Zuckerberg, an academic examination of the visual culture of Mark Zuckerberg.
Read the article >

Hackers and Shamans, Travelers of the Black Box
[Deep Migrations]
Rotterdam, Utrecht, New York City
Research, video 6’
This is a project that analyses the figures of the hacker and the shaman, initially both seem extremely different, one exists under the empirical realm of computer science and the other belongs in a mystical dimension that seems to have no relation with discrete, scientific knowledge.  However, I propose that these two figures have ontological similarities when we consider their spaces of action as black boxes: the computational network in the case of the hacker and the human conscience in the case of the shaman.

Hackers and Shamans was presented at the 2018 masterclass conference at Utrecht University and at the H.O.P.E. conference in New York City.

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