Sacred interoperability to fix this spiritual crisis

Our origins are located at the creation of the artistic-research project called Digital Witchcraft, this was the result of Danae Tapia’s fellowship with the Mozilla Foundation. In partnership with designer Andrés Tapia, currently art director of the ongoing DW project, they carried a foundational work that combined advanced research in posthumanism and speculative industrial design.

In late 2019, with the financial support of StimuleringsFonds, Digital Witchcraft went through a strategic transformation to become The Digital Witchcraft Institute, and since then, this space has been dedicated to extend our reach and host a series of projects that promote and represent dissident approaches to technology, our objective is to switch the narratives around technological development through radically innovative action. We focus on three areas of work: posthuman tech, deep migrations and climate justice.

With collaborators across the globe, our intention is to produce truly transcultural and interdisciplinary outputs and be central actors in the creation of futures of digital justice.

The Digital Witchcraft Institute is registered as an artistic business in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

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