the digital witchcraft institute

Sacred interoperability to fix this spiritual crisis

Surveillance in the Anthropocene
[Climate Justice]
Temuco, Santiago, Toronto, Rotterdam
Artistic research, photography, sound design, poetry
Research report and online exhibition about surveillance technologies being used against indigenous land defenders in Chile and in Canada.
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Glasgow, Rotterdam
Artistic research, coding
Multimedia project of artistic research that presents a set of 22 arcana each representing one archetypical figure playing a role in the current climate emergency.
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Bots and Autopoiesis
[Posthuman Technologies]
Rotterdam, Amsterdam
Research, academic essay, coding
Ongoing exploration on the context and digital infrastructures that enable automated artistic bots and evaluation of their contribution to the current artistic landscape.
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Santiago, Rotterdam
2019-2021 Advocacy, non-fiction creative writing
Two friends separated by an ocean send letters to each other every month. They are working for a future in which dissident technologies will be the key element that will unleash the emancipatory energy of climate justice. Go to project >

Digital Security for Journalists at the Frontlines
[Deep Migrations]
2020 Advocacy, holistic security trainings
Emergency project to contribute to the physical and digital security of the journalists at the frontlines of the social revolt in Chile.

Digital Witchcraft at JSConf
[Posthuman Technologies]
Research, magical thinking
Danae Valentina presented thoroughly the Digital Witchcraft project facilitating an exploration of spirituality and technology.

Digital Witchcraft
[Posthuman Technologies]
Rotterdam, Valencia, Havana, San Francisco, Shanghai, Kyoto
Research,collaborative workshop, speculative design, video 17’
The core of our practice, the space that allowed us to understand that magic is the mother of technology. Go to the project website >

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