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Sacred interoperability to fix this spiritual crisis

Keywords: terraforming, cats, contagion, land defenders

In a context of climate emergency, every aspect of life is relocated at a place of uncertainty. The capitalist hierarchies of today will not be valid tomorrow and now is the critical moment to design the scenarios of the Anthropocene.

It is the moment to ask which role do digital technologies play in our scenario of climate emergency. It is the moment to realize that a new Earth has to be built and we have to incorporate values of climate justice in this future.

Santiago, Rotterdam
2019-2020 Advocacy, non-fiction creative writing
Two friends separated by an ocean send letters to each other every month. They are working for a future in which dissident technologies will be the key element that will unleash the emancipatory energy of climate justice. Go to project >

Agency against the Anthropocene, the Case of EZLN
[Climate Justice]
Academic essay
There is no way to ensure that the Zapatista movement is going to overcome the climate crisis, in fact, every revolution has to deal with the uncertainty of its future. However, the EZLN constitutes an example with such commitment to the radical transformation of the dominant paradigms that they should be considered as an obvious reference when studying human agency in our times of environmental emergency.
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Alexander McQueen’s Shows: from Paranoia to a Critique of the Anthropocene
[Climate Justice]
Academic essay
The relation of Plato’s Atlantis with the effects of the Anthropocene can be considered an aesthetic proposal for new ways of inhabiting the planet. In this sense, Alexander McQueen’s visionary work of art can be located alongside to post-apocalyptic and even cli-fi pieces. To Donna Haraway, narratives of both the Anthropocene and the Capitalocene lend themselves too readily to cynicism, defeatism and self-fulfilling predictions, like the “game over, too late” discourse, and McQueen didn’t fall in that category of defeatism, he skipped it and proposed a vision for the next stage of the human race. Read the paper in >

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