The Digital Witchcraft Institute

Advanced and non-conforming digital technologies for posthuman futures

KEYWORDS: prototypes, magical thinking, speculative design

This is an exploratory process on the future of technologies that has an affirmative vision rather than a focus on the current threats. It will showcase and promote post-capitalist practices in dissident spaces. We propose a methodology of magical thinking for advanced prototyping.

We engage and connect with people in the global south, with migrant communities, with gender non-conforming individuals, with anyone who has a dissident vision on our current dystopic surveilled existence. My project incorporates a vision where the internet will operate as a heterotopic space in which posthuman connections will be created and the verticality between the north and the south, the human and the non human, will not be the norm anymore.

The importance of this project is that it will position the act of speculation as a form of witchcraft that is a central element in the design and application of digital technologies. It is a vindication of material intelligence and physical knowledge. With posthuman technologies theory will crystallize into companion objects built within a paradigm of limitless imagination.

The only thing we have to do is to begin.


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